Recap 29th May 2017


Last Monday our club held its first General Assembly. As Toastmaster I decided to make the meeting very formal and followed the guidelines I learned while being part of District Leaders and attended several District meetings. I think the experience was fun, educational and brilliant. Kathrin presented the educational achievement we have reached during this year. Alexis presented how our membership has grown and Catalina presented the clubs treasury report. We elected a committee for 2017/2018. The results are:
Kathrin Ahrens: President
Caroline l’Eplattenier: VP Education
Alexis Marette: VP Membership
Andreea Mahet: VP PR
Laurence Huneau: Treasurer
Susanne Schwab: Secretary
Olivier Ourny: Sergeant At Arms

Congratulations on your election.
In order to have speeches and evaluations so members could move forward on their paths we squeezed in two prepared speeches by Violette and Lucia. Violette gave a speech on how to be tidy and get rid of things we don’t need. This is a subject that we have discussed and heard previously so I know our group really likes and appreciates it. Apparently many of us enjoy getting tips on how to be tidier and how to declutter our lives. Alexis gave good insights on how Violette can improve her presentations further. Lucia did a good job to inspire us with power that cross-country skiing is THE sport to take up. It can make you healthy, slim, enjoy nature and allow you to eat lots after your efforts, in other words enjoy life. Kathrin pointed out how vividly Lucia expressed herself and how this added to her inspiring words.
Caroline ended off the meeting by giving us an educational about the importance to be properly introduced as a speaker. There were many take aways from her presentation.
Our room was filled to the brim. We even had to bring extra chairs so the 20 participants had a place to sit. Unfortunately the meeting did not allow for everyone to express themselves and in the future it might be an idea to limit the prepared speeches and have table topics instead at the meeting when the General Assembly is planned.
Afterwards we enjoyed the apéro as usual.
Next meeting is on the 12th June.

Until then,

Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!


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