Recap 19th June 2017 – Celebration


Our last meeting for this Toastmaster year was held in Caroline’s garden. It was a perfect summer evening, warm and sunny and 18 members were present. It was time to celebrate our one year anniversary as a club.
Giselle was the Toastmaster and presented the order of the meeting and then introduced the first speaker.
The three speakers, Simon, Kathrin and Roswitha each presented interesting and funny speeches. Simon told us what to do to practice lucid dreams. Kathrin spoke about how to see the fun and positive in disastrous family cooking situations and Roswitha reminded us to be mindful.
As soon as the prepared speeches were over the evaluators stepped in. I am so impressed how well everyone can present their evaluations bearing in mind the very short time of preparation.
Cathriona clearly explained her impressions on Simon’s project and both praised him and gave him valuable tools for future speeches. Roswitha encouraged Kathrin that she maybe should consider a second career as a comedian or storyteller. Olivier reminded us that it is good to have fun with ourselves and was grateful to learn from Roswitha.
Catalina took over as the table topics master and had chosen the theme “Celebration”.
We learned from the speakers that it is important to celebrate and that there are favourite ways to celebrate. We also should consider creating a more environmentally friendly celebration routine and why not creating a “sloth holiday” the day when you move so slow that moss grows on you. We also heard about expectations from a year ago and that we should find a way to make the year longer. Finally, there is no worst thing to celebrate, only best things.
The role takers (Violette, Laurence, Irma) showed that they had been attentive in their roles and gave accurate and precise reports while having fun with them. Caroline, The GE, complimented everyone on the roles. She did point out that we lacked a bit of energy in the clapping, maybe due to the summer heat.
Giselle handed over the meeting to me and for the last time I took the gavel in my hand. It was time to hand over my duties as President to our elected President Kathrin. I am confident that she will keep the Lakeshore Speakers spirit alive and I look forward to my future role as “Immediate Past President”. With a bit of apprehension Kathrin took the gavel and with boldness, courage and brilliance she closed the meeting.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!



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