Recap 16th October 2017

Our meeting from the 16th of October was about exploring.

Kahtrin explored the feeling of being the president and the toastmaster of the evening at the same time. And also the joy of completing her Competent Leadership Manual. Congratulations!!!

We explored:
– a woman’s life in a men’s world (watchmaking) explained by Giselle for her 7th project,
– exotic places as Andreea’s project number 3 focused on how to travel light and often,
– Chien-yu’s life during her Icebreaker.

Laurence, Helene and Olivier splendidly evaluated the 3 speeches and had encouraging comments and interesting suggestions.

During the table topics, the participants had to identify if some news given to them by Lucia were true or fake and explain why.

Catalina was our grammarian, Caroline our timekeeper, Valentina our ah-counter and Violette our general evaluator. They all carried out the roles with brilliance.

Even if the word of the day was “fallacious” and it was used many times during the evening, our meeting was a wonderful one and followed, as always, by our traditional apéro !

We’ll meet next time on October 30th for the Area Contest (more news very soon!). See you there!


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