Recap 30th October 2017 – Area J2 Fall Contest

Fantastic night last night! We were sociable, creative, funny, inspired…because we had our Area J2 Fall Contest and because we totally enjoyed it!

Table Topics on robots, humorous speeches in French, Italian and English…a very exciting and international experience that we, the Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel club, are extremely proud and happy to have hosted!

Congratulations to all the participants for another successful contest! And special congratulations to all the winners, they have proved fantastic skills!

Table Topics:
1. Carina Schey (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)
2. Helen von Dadelszen (International Toastmasters Club Nyon)
3. Krista Lumsden-Friedli (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)

Humorous French:
1. Eliane Maalouf (Swiss Riviera Toastmasters, Vevey)

Humorous Italian:
1. Giuditta Andreaus (International Toastmasters Club Nyon)
2. Valentina Salonna (Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel)

Humorous English:
1. Gurunath Rajamoney (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)
2. Carina Schey (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)
3. Jacqueline Collier Jespersen (International Toastmasters Club Nyon)

The winners of the 1st and 2nd places will compete in the Division Contest, on the 11th of November! Be there!

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