Recap 30th April 2018

2018 is definitely one dear year full of changes and novelties! We have a new Facebook page, a new venue, and of course a new way to develop our skills – Pathways!

We had a very interesting meeting on Monday and we made it successful with diligence (word of the day) and good humor!

Chien-Yu spoke about an effective system to punish children (4th project in the CC Manual).
Helene and Caroline both entertained us with the same project: the Ice Breaker of the Presentation Mastery Path.
This was Helene’s 3rd Ice Breaker (the 1st one was 9 years ago!). Now a DTM, she showed us how once you become a Toastmaster, you’ll always be a Toastmaster.
Caroline presented herself through the INFP (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception) personality types. Fantastic perspective!

Our evaluating team did a wonderful job! Evaluators – Sam, Nigel and Mario, timekeeper – Bekir, ah counter – Giselle, grammarian – Susanne. Special thanks to Laurence who accepted the General Evaluator role super-last-minute!

Mario explained us a bit more about Pathways during the club business section and Violette challenged us with her travel related funny table topics.

And all this was moderated in a very professional way by Alexis, the toastmaster of the evening.

It was a great pleasure to meet Jakub, a CC ToastMaster who visited our club for the first time!

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