Recap – 28.05.2018

Our meeting on Monday went well with the word of the day – procrastination. Not many of us were present on that sunnny bank holiday, and some of those who were, procrastinated their implication.

But that’s the beauty: always look for challenges! Better later than never, we set up a lovely meeting. With those who were late taking two roles at once 

News of the week: Jakub has just become a member of our club! Welcome!!! 

Jakub is already a Competent Communicator and he started on Monday the Dynamic Leadership path with an Icebreaker «Is Dynamic Leadership the right path for me ?, in which he explained why he chose this path, if it was a good decision and also what dynamic leadership meant to him.

Nigel had to get to the point (CC #3) during his speech « What future for Planet Earth ? And what can we do about it ?».

Giselle delighted us with a personal story from her life, when she went back to school at 36 years old (Storytelling book).

Our evaluating team lead by Christophe did a great job! Evaluators – Caroline, Kathrin, Caspar, timer – Olivier, ah counter – Caspar, grammarian – Kathrin.

Kathrin reminded us during the club business section that on the 4th of June we’ll have the Annual Meeting and we will vote the new Officer Committee. BE THERE!

And because the Xamax Neuchâtel football team won the same day a match right next to our meeting room, Olivier proposed for the table topics another kind of a match: 2 by 2, one against the other. Nobody escaped  Not even the Toastmaster, Andreea!


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