Recap 04th June 2018

Our last meeting was very exciting!

It started with 3 prepared speeches:
– Fanta explained why we should invest in our passion for the project #2 of the Persuasive Influence Path
– Andreea showed us how to annoy a Romanian for the project #2 of the Innovative Planning Path
– Kathrin completed The Entertaining Speaker manual with a speech called “OO7 or OOOO8, only years make a true hero” prepared for her dad’s 88th birthday! Massive congratulations for this achievement!!! She earned the last DCP for us so that we can be a Distinguished Club this year, too 😀

As announced previously, we had then the Annual Meeting and we voted for the new Officer Committee. So it’s official, Lakeshore Speakers Neuchâtel has a new committee for the new ToastMasters year! Stay tuned for details 😀

Next meeting : 18th of June, everyone is welcome!

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Recap – 28.05.2018

Our meeting on Monday went well with the word of the day – procrastination. Not many of us were present on that sunnny bank holiday, and some of those who were, procrastinated their implication.

But that’s the beauty: always look for challenges! Better later than never, we set up a lovely meeting. With those who were late taking two roles at once 

News of the week: Jakub has just become a member of our club! Welcome!!! 

Jakub is already a Competent Communicator and he started on Monday the Dynamic Leadership path with an Icebreaker «Is Dynamic Leadership the right path for me ?, in which he explained why he chose this path, if it was a good decision and also what dynamic leadership meant to him.

Nigel had to get to the point (CC #3) during his speech « What future for Planet Earth ? And what can we do about it ?».

Giselle delighted us with a personal story from her life, when she went back to school at 36 years old (Storytelling book).

Our evaluating team lead by Christophe did a great job! Evaluators – Caroline, Kathrin, Caspar, timer – Olivier, ah counter – Caspar, grammarian – Kathrin.

Kathrin reminded us during the club business section that on the 4th of June we’ll have the Annual Meeting and we will vote the new Officer Committee. BE THERE!

And because the Xamax Neuchâtel football team won the same day a match right next to our meeting room, Olivier proposed for the table topics another kind of a match: 2 by 2, one against the other. Nobody escaped  Not even the Toastmaster, Andreea!


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Recap 30th April 2018

2018 is definitely one dear year full of changes and novelties! We have a new Facebook page, a new venue, and of course a new way to develop our skills – Pathways!

We had a very interesting meeting on Monday and we made it successful with diligence (word of the day) and good humor!

Chien-Yu spoke about an effective system to punish children (4th project in the CC Manual).
Helene and Caroline both entertained us with the same project: the Ice Breaker of the Presentation Mastery Path.
This was Helene’s 3rd Ice Breaker (the 1st one was 9 years ago!). Now a DTM, she showed us how once you become a Toastmaster, you’ll always be a Toastmaster.
Caroline presented herself through the INFP (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception) personality types. Fantastic perspective!

Our evaluating team did a wonderful job! Evaluators – Sam, Nigel and Mario, timekeeper – Bekir, ah counter – Giselle, grammarian – Susanne. Special thanks to Laurence who accepted the General Evaluator role super-last-minute!

Mario explained us a bit more about Pathways during the club business section and Violette challenged us with her travel related funny table topics.

And all this was moderated in a very professional way by Alexis, the toastmaster of the evening.

It was a great pleasure to meet Jakub, a CC ToastMaster who visited our club for the first time!

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