Recap 18th December 2017

We had a lovely and cheerful last meeting of 2017 on Monday!

Lovely and cheerful because:
– Mario is back, welcome!!!
– we tested a new venue – Les Brasseurs Neuchâtel ! Hospitable (word of the day) and cosy, we’ll decide soon if we choose it for real for the next months…
– the agenda filled in really quickly days before the meeting
– everybody was in a good mood

Valentina hosted the evening for the first time, as the toastmaster. She was funny, encouraging with those who spoke and engaging with the audience. I was her right hand, as the general evaluator.

Ivan broke the ice in an original way with his very first Toastmaster Speech. Simon made us curious about vinyl records in his 4th project and Catalina left us thoughtful about defending criminals (9th project).

Our evaluating team did a wonderful job! Evaluators – Lucia, Mario and Laurence, timekeeper – Nigel, ah counter – Violette, grammarian – Olivier.

Alexis proposed funny Christmassy table topics and even a special debate in the end about whether it is better to celebrate it in winter vs summer.

Super well done everyone!

May you all have fabulous holidays and see you next year on the 15th of January!


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Recap 6th November 2017

Our meeting from Monday was all about creativity and innovation.

We met in Max’s office, thank you again for having us! A new environment is always a good trigger for being creative 🙂

Olivier showed us how to be adventurers like Indiana Jones when it comes to organizing our holiday (CC3).

Stefanie encouraged us to think outside the box (CC4). And Susanne entertained us with stories about her new job (the Entertaining Speaker 1).

Violette, pushed us to be creative on thinking about the future, during the Table Topics. Irma, the Toastmaster of the Evening, as well as Valentina, the General Evaluator, and her team did a great job!

Next meeting will be on the 20th of November, we’ll be back in our usual SBB room. Guests are welcome!

PS I, Andreea, am terribly sorry for the lack of pictures, I was so much into my grammarian job that I completely forgot. Will not happen again 🙂

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Recap 30th October 2017 – Area J2 Fall Contest

Fantastic night last night! We were sociable, creative, funny, inspired…because we had our Area J2 Fall Contest and because we totally enjoyed it!

Table Topics on robots, humorous speeches in French, Italian and English…a very exciting and international experience that we, the Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel club, are extremely proud and happy to have hosted!

Congratulations to all the participants for another successful contest! And special congratulations to all the winners, they have proved fantastic skills!

Table Topics:
1. Carina Schey (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)
2. Helen von Dadelszen (International Toastmasters Club Nyon)
3. Krista Lumsden-Friedli (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)

Humorous French:
1. Eliane Maalouf (Swiss Riviera Toastmasters, Vevey)

Humorous Italian:
1. Giuditta Andreaus (International Toastmasters Club Nyon)
2. Valentina Salonna (Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel)

Humorous English:
1. Gurunath Rajamoney (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)
2. Carina Schey (EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters Club)
3. Jacqueline Collier Jespersen (International Toastmasters Club Nyon)

The winners of the 1st and 2nd places will compete in the Division Contest, on the 11th of November! Be there!

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