Typical meeting

  1. At 18:30 we commence the meeting. The Toastmaster of the Evening leads the meeting and keeps us on time. The first part of the meeting consists of prepared speeches.
  2. Evaluators provide 3 minutes of oral feedback on each prepared speech.
  3. The Table Topics session is next, meaning that everyone gets to speak and show his ability to speak without preparation. The subject and questions are given by the Table Topics master. Each speaker is asked to speak for 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Brief reports are given by a Grammarian that offers observations and tips on the use of English, our Ah-Counter reports on how many “Ahs” and other bridging words and meaningless sounds he noticed, and our Timer comments on how each speaker kept to the allotted time.
  5. Finally, the General Evaluator sums up the meeting as a whole and the President closes the meeting.
  6. After the meeting we have some refreshments, snacks, a bit of wine and some friendly conversation.

Our objective is to develop our skills, but also to have good time, so we laugh a lot, we don’t take things too seriously and we try to have fun as much as possible!

Note: The above described is the typical meeting. Sometimes the order of things can change depending on the number of members and guests present and on other conditions as well.

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